Biot, June 13, 2023

First victory for young Ksenia Chasteau from Marseille, France, making her debut at this level of competition thanks to an invitation from the tournament. organisers. She beat Colombian Johana Martinez 6/4 6/3 in the first round of the French Riviera Open.

Staying on the French bench, three-time Paralympic champion Stéphane Houdet fell to Daisuke Arai 6/4 6/4 and Laurent Giammartini, former world No.1, to Joachim Gérard.

Now it’s Emmanuelle Mörch’s turn to face Dutchwoman Lizzy De Greef, and Frédéric Cattanéo will face Chile’s Brayan Tapia later tonight.

No surprises among the seeds: De la Puente (6/1 6/2 against Siscar Meseguer) and Miki (6/2 6/1 against Ward) went through, as did Shraga Weinberg in the Quads (6/0 6/2 against Montero).